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Pre-Export Photos

10 Quality Images per Vehicle.

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Quality and Quantity

Daiwa Logistics can provide more than 10 high quality photos per vehicle before export. This allows you to review the condition of the vehicle and distribute photos of the vehicle to potential customers helping you sell cars faster.

Photos taken are of the vehicles interior, exterior and undercarriage.

These images are taken from the following angles:

  • Front – Right/Left
  • Rear – Right/Left
  • Underneath
  • Interior
  • Instrument Panel
  • Engine Bay
  • Etc.

Pre-Export Appraisal helps importers and internet buyers by providing a professional and independent assessment of a vehicle’s overall condition prior to export from Japan. Ensuring you have the control over the quality on your vehicles.

Our Report Details the following:

● Your vehicle’s condition

● Accessories

● Your vehicle’s overall structural and mechanical integrity

● More than 12 quality photos of your vehicle

Our Pre-Export Appraisal is completed by a licensed and approved company.


Ensuring you are receiving the highest quality photos that you can pass on to your customer or store for your own records.

For more information & examples please contact us directly.

Examples Images:


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