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Looking to ship vehicles to NZ?

Pioneers of the door-to-door service, Daiwa is constantly expanding and innovating their services. In turn, ensuring their customers’ needs are met in the most cost-effective and efficient way in order to ship vehicles to NZ.






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    Auto Shipping Japan to NZ:

    In the Japanese Used Car Market, NZ is one of the highest volume destinations for export. In 2018 116,253 used vehicles were shipped by Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) と コンテナ船 to New Zealand. Shipping via a RORO船 is the most common transport method. However, shipping via a コンテナ船 も利用されており、特に高級な車を運ぶときに使われています。

    大和ロジスティクス株式会社 is a complete service provider 弊社経由で ship your vehicle Japan to NZ. We have an experienced team that handles the complete process at competitive rates. Starting from pick up at your Auction House of choice in Japan, right through to Compliance. Lastly, delivery to your Yard, throughout New Zealand. 

    Most importantly, make sure that your desired vehicle aligns with Vehicle Compliance Regulations. For more information, you can refer to the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

    大和ロジスティクス can also help you import trucks, boats, caravans, and more. 大和ロジスティクス is your one-stop shop as a freight forwarding agent. Therefore, whether you are a private individual or a vehicle dealer that regularly ships from Japan, look no further.

    Auto Shipping Japan to NZ – Door to Door Service Explained:

    Step One: Daiwa will begin by gathering the required documentation from your supplier. Our team will then arrange transport to the nearest international transport processing yard.

    Step Two: Daiwa provides a Pre-Export Inspection which helps importers and internet buyers. It is a licensed and independent assessment of a vehicle’s overall condition before you export.

    Step Three: Daiwa will prepare export clearance and book space on a vessel for New Zealand. The car is then inspected pre-export by an authorised agent such as JEVIC. They check matters like odometer verification, biosecurity inspection, vehicle documentation and heat treatment if needed.

    Step Four: The car is then loaded into an international carrier. However, this is subject to space availability and shipping schedules. Daiwa Logistics can put you in direct contact with our New Zealand freight agent Dolphin Shipping. They will help form a smooth transition point once the vessel arrives.

    Step Five: Once the vehicle arrives at a New Zealand port, it is inspected and transported to a compliance centre. They will check if it complies with New Zealand road regulations. Once approved and registered, your vehicle will be delivered to your chosen destination in New Zealand.

    In addition to 大和ロジスティクスのサービス to ship to NZ, Dolphin Shipping New Zealand can arrange nationwide transport. We believe that package is about providing a completely hassle-free process. Through their Dolphin Cartage website, you can place bookings for New Zealand-wide transport.


    New Zealand has strict compliance and on-road standards. Below is some information that you should read before exporting ニュージーランド向けの輸送は弊社にお任せください。

    Fasttrack Compliance is Daiwa’s New Zealand Compliance partner. Fasttrack arranges a mandatory inspection on all “Fresh Imports”. When the vehicle passes inspection, it receives a WOF “Warrant of Fitness”. More Information on Fasttrack Compliance is listed below.

    横滑り防止装置 (Electronic Stability Control: ESC)

    Importantly, ESC is required on all vehicles. Therefore, you must ensure they meet ESC requirements. For reference, below is some information from the NZ Transport Agency on what ESC looks like for different manufacturers.


    Before you export, you must ensure that there are no required Takata Airbag Recalls outstanding on the vehicle. Daiwa Logistics’ Export Inspection Company, JEVIC, ensures that the recalls are processed.


    FAQs – Auto Shipping from Japan to New Zealand

    How long does the process take?

    The shipping process using Daiwa usually takes between 16 to 33 days. However, this depends on the cars specifications, shipment schedules, and the port of entry in New Zealand. New Zealand’s ports of entry are Auckland, Lyttelton, Wellington, and Nelson. Once you have proceeded with payment, your car will be on the next available vessel. However, the length of time could change unexpectedlyDepending on the car going through New Zealand Customs and Compliance.

    What extra charges are there when you ship vehicles from Japan to New Zealand?

    When you ship される際には、 Daiwa, there are no hidden costs with our comprehensive package. However, you will have to cover the import tax (GST) personallyAn imported vehicle is exempted from the tariff duty and subject to goods/services tax (GST) of 15%. This tax is charged on all goods entering New Zealand including, vehicles. The customer will have to personally cover this cost on top of the shipping cost

    The overall cost can end up being more than you initially budgeted. Especially, if you don’t research and calculate the tax before you importing to New Zealand. Most people who import vehicles prefer the help and services of a dealer or a shipping company. Both can arrange the appropriate documentation and book space on a vessel. An imported vehicle, depending on the dealer, might incorporate the goods and services tax (GST).

    Exemptions for Duty and Tax free imports

    An immigrant or a New Zealander returning after more than 21 months could get concessions on vehicles, boats and planes. This concession means that you might not have to pay GST and duties on certain items if you are eligible. You are allowed more than one duty-free import to NZ if you meet the requirements. Consequently, you cannot sell or dispose of any imported vehicle under concession within two years. If you sell the vehicle within two years, you must pay Duty/Tax. To qualify for a duty-free import, you will need to meet government requirements. For example, owning the vehicle for over a year before export to qualify.

    Duty and Tax Calculations

    • Private boats, yachts and other vessels: 5% GST
    • Motor vehicles for transporting more than 10 people: 5% GST 
    • Camper vans, ambulances and motor homes: 10% GST

    Can Daiwa help if I have already purchased the car from a different supplier and what services do we provide?

    Yes, Daiwa can ship your vehicle even if you have purchased it from another Japanese supplier. You will have to inform the supplier to choose Daiwa as your preferred export freight agent. Daiwa has the ability and relationships to coordinate the process with any of the major vehicle suppliers in Japan. Therefore it is relatively straightforward. Daiwa services include:

    • All export-ready vehicles are offered transportation from the Auction House to Daiwa’s closest Forwarding yards.
    • Pre-shipment photographs before leaving port. 
    • Pre-export inspections, which Daiwa provides.
    • Export clearance.
    • Shipping schedule and booking arrangements.
    • The de-vanning/stuffing of container shipments.
    • Marine insurance.
    • Repairs & Maintenance is provided on request
    • The loading of your vehicle onto a vessel.
    • Daiwa will track and report the entire journey for you.

    What documents and information do you need from me?

    You will need to present documentation to New Zealand Customs and Daiwa. Documents might be required throughout the process of shipping to New Zealand. Daiwa advises checking and gathering information before the export process begins. As a guide, here are some of the information you need:

    • A Purchase Invoice (Proof of Legal Title) is needed for all vehicles.
    • You will need to provide the full details of the seller, buyer, and vehicle (make, model, year, and chassis number).
    • You will need proof of emission standards, frontal impact standards, and overall stand.  
    • A fuel consumption certificate.
    • It must meet the light-vehicle brake test for electronic stability control (ESC).
    • Any vehicle over 660cc you will need to provide an original export certificate. It will need to be issued by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). 
    • Vehicles less than 660cc need a certificate issued by the Light-Motor Vehicle Inspection Organisation.

    Documents for import will need to be in English for New Zealand Customs. For more information please go to the New Zealand Customs website. Daiwa can help you by declaring vehicles on your behalf in New Zealand.

    New Zealand Customs: