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Looking to Import Cars from Japan to Fiji?

We are one of the most established Freight Forwarders in Japan who can make the process to import cars from Japan to Fiji a breeze. Get a quote now!






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    Import Cars from Japan to Fiji:

    Fiji is a country in the South Pacific that is known for being built up of volcanic islands. Fiji doesn’t have a vehicle manufacturing industry which allows for a big number of Japanese used vehicle exporting to occur. This has allowed Fijians to become fanatics for 日本からの輸入車 due to their specifications, high quality and excellent condition. Daiwa suggests for smooth clearance of your Japanese vehicle imports through Fiji customs it is good to abide by the rules and provide the needed documentation. Daiwa Logistics is a comprehensive service provider of worldwide transport and logistics, with the reputation of being one of the best Japanese used car exporters in Japan. To make the process as smooth and quick as possible our team can handle the whole process of importing a car from Japan to Fiji for you from loading up your vehicle from a Japanese Auction House, straight to the closest shipping yard to passed clearance and booked onto a vessel that can ship cars from Japan. Once your 日本から中古車を輸入 arrive at a Fiji port and cleared by customs and should be taken to a Lands Transport Authority (LTA) agent for inspection and a compliance audit for certification for the registration. Once this is all complete all import cars from Japan to Fiji will then be delivered to your islands address, helping make Daiwa the best company to import cars from Japan for you.

    Daiwa is not just known for 日本から車を輸出する前に通知されます。 but also being able to 日本から輸入された車両 of any kind including import trucks from JapanMost Japan vehicle exporters like Daiwa use RO/RO and Containers to direct import cars from JapanHowever, RO/RO is the more popular option for second hand cars japan export to Fiji as it is cheaper and gives Japanese used car exporters the flexibility to ship 1 to 30 vehicles at the same time. Fiji is very serious about their countries biodiversity and environment so any 日本からの輸入車 are subject to be inspected for foreign pests and diseases that can be a threat. Import cars from Japan to Fiji are only allowed past customs once they pass inspection or free are from unwanted pests. Being a small country Fiji has an age restriction of 5 years and younger for import second hand cars from Japan in order to keep the quality of vehicles on the roads at a high standard. However, import cars from Japan to Fiji that is LPG, CNG, Solar, Electric or Hybrid have a slightly bigger age restriction of 8 years and younger. Daiwa is a Japan used car export company that wants to help make the whole experience of importing a car from Japan as simple as possible for you, so if you have any questions please contact our team today.

    FAQs – Import Cars From Japan to Fiji

    Is there any extra cost when you import cars from Japan to Fiji?

    お客様が import cars from Japan to Fiji with Daiwa we make a point to offer our clients a complete package and will be upfront with any extra charges that you will have to pay separately and provide stages you might encounter this. For example, you will have to pay the duty and taxes on any of your import cars from Japan to Fiji Customs. Japanese used vehicle exporting can be a costly process if not researched or done correctly which is why Daiwa ask that you calculate all costs before 日本から車を輸出する前に通知されます。 and work along with our team who can provide experience and knowledge. As a guide here is the duty and tax amounts you will have to pay on top of importing a car from Japan for it to pass through Fiji Customs:

    What documents do I need to import cars from Japan to Fiji?

    If you are a returning Fiji citizen or someone emigrating to Fiji from Japan you are allowed to import cars from Japan to Fiji. However, in order to 日本からの輸入車, you will need to prepare documents required by Fiji Customs. As an experienced Japan used car export company, Daiwa recommends that you collect all required documentation beforehand and research the whole process of second hand cars japan export into Fiji for the process to go accordingly. If you are missing any documentation or steps, this could slow down the process of importing a car from Japan and become stressful. A Japan used car export company like Daiwa can help you to avoid this from happening by taking care of the whole process for you. As a guide, here is some of the documentation you will need to fill out and provide in order to import cars from Japan to Fiji privately or with Japan vehicle exporters:

    • Passport
    • Purchase Invoice showing the purchase price and date of purchase
    • Quarantine / Agriculture clearance
    • Vehicle Registration / Certificate of Permanent Export (UK) / Certificate of Title (USA) / Deregistration Certificate (Japan)
    • An invoice showing export costs (Japan)
    • An invoice showing freight costs and insurance to Fiji
    • OBL / AWB
    • Odometer reading at the time of sale for export to Fiji
    • Odometer reading at the time of importation into Fiji
    • Import License
    • Non-sale Certificate (new vehicles)
    • Commercial Invoice (new vehicles)


    Japanese used car exporters like Daiwa can help provide arrival papers around the time your vehicle is shipped and assist you with the Customs formalities. If you are completing the Customs formalities yourself, it is advised that you make an appointment with your local Customs office. Fiji Customs will estimate the taxes and import duties on the vehicles entering the country which can include cars and import trucks from Japan. Once this has been paid the vehicle will need to provide a registration form where you are required to fill in all the particulars about the car including the engine and chassis. This document can be presented to an Insurance company and they will prepare a Third Party Policy (TPP). The TPP should be presented to the Licensing office and permission to drive the vehicle in Fiji will be given. As the best company to import cars from Japan to Fiji, Daiwa makes an effort to go the extra mile and organises the pickup or delivery of the car to your chosen address anywhere in Fiji. For full details on how to ship cars from Japan to Fiji please refer to the official website of Fiji Customs.

    Fiji Customs: