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Import Cars from Japan to Cyprus

Daiwa Logistics offers a seamless process to import cars from Japan to Cyprus via our door-to-door service. A professional and expert service always guaranteed.






30-40 日




    Import Cars From Japan to Cyprus:

    Cyprus is an island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea known to 日本からの輸入車 and worldwide. Moreover, it is because of its small car manufacturing industry and population. Import cars to Cyprus from Japan have grown a reputation of being reliable and cost-effective. Many Cyprus citizens 日本からの輸入車, as it is the biggest exporter of used car’s for developing/developed countries. To import cars from Japan to Cyprus for long-term use is a complex process that requires time and knowledge. Daiwa Logistics is a complete service provider of global transport and logistics when 日本から車を輸出する前に通知されます。

    Our team has the reputation of being one of the best japan car exporters in the industry. The process to import cars from Japan to Cyprus begins with the uplift of your vehicle from the Auction House. We then transport the vehicle to the closest Daiwa shipping yard. Daiwa then prepares the car export to Cyprus by collecting all required documents. For instance, de-registering the vehicle with the Japanese government and getting an export certificate. All import cars from Japan to Cyprus go through a deep clean to remove any biosecurity risks. Once the vehicle has gone through customs and compliance, our team can organise delivery from the port to your address. 

    How are import cars from Japan to Cyprus shipped:

    Daiwa is a recognised company that can import cars from Japan to Cyprus. However, their expertise also covers 日本から輸入された車両 弊社経由で Cyprus of any kind. Import vehicles from Japan can range from heavy machinery, motorbikes, motorhomes, and more. Daiwa can help private individuals who want to import a one-off Japanese used vehicle. In addition, Daiwa also works with vehicle dealers that import cars from japan to Cyprus regularly. Daiwa offers both RO/RO and container options for import cars to Cyprus.

    Car shipping from Japan to Cyprus is likely to be done via a RO/RO vessel. In addition to RO/RO being the most popular option for Japanese used car exporters. RO/RO gives you the flexibility to ship 1 to 30 vehicles on the same vessel depending on space availability. In other words, it a viable option for both private individuals and vehicle dealers. 

    Daiwa can also import cars from Japan to Cyprus using a container if requested, which is generally for luxury vehicles. Daiwa focuses on building relationships with Japanese shipping lines to help combat the lengthy car import to Cyprus processFurthermore, allowing Daiwa to book your vehicle onto a vessel quickly. To export cars to Cyprus smoothly requires industry knowledge. For instance, quarantine clearance, import tax, and customs which Daiwa specialises on. 

    Extra information on importing cars into Cyprus:

    お客様が import cars from Japan to Cyprus using Daiwa, there are no concealed costs with their comprehensive package. Our team will inform you of any extra cost’s you will have to pay separately. Daiwa can create a custom quote for import cars from Japan to Cyprus. However, this depends on the vehicle specifications, destination ports, mileage, shipping service used etc. Import cars from Japan should take 30 to 40 days, depending on the port of entry, including Larnaca and Limassol. Once you accept the quote, our team will begin to import cars from Japan to Cyprus. However, before you export cars to Cyprus, Daiwa suggests researching the different regulations. For example, car import to Cyprus cannot be older than five years old on arrival into the country. Please feel free to contact our team at Daiwa if you need any help regarding car export to Cyprus. 

    FAQs – Import Cars From Japan to Cyprus

    Are there any extra costs when you import cars from Japan to Cyprus?

    When 日本から車を輸出する前に通知されます。, Daiwa makes a point to communicate if there are any extra charges. For example, you will personally have to cover the import duty and VAT for import cars from Japan to Cyprus. Daiwa suggests calculating all costs before organising car shipping from Japan. To avoid the overall price to purchase and export cars to Cyprus be more than you budgeted. All goods entering Cyprus have to pay Tax, including 日本からの輸入車. As a guide, here is information to help you work out the Tax/VAT for import cars from Japan to Cyprus:  

    • The Import Duty for car import to Cyprus: 10 to 22% of CIF + Engine Capacity Tax.
    • The VAT to import cars to Cyprus: 19% of CIF + Import Duty + Excise Duty.
    • Import vehicles from Japan such as trucks/buses and electric vehicle are not subject to excise duty.

    However, you can be exempt from Duty/VAT on one car export to Cyprus if moving permanently. You can register a Japanese used vehicle of any age, but the owner must stay the same for three years. Car export to Cyprus can only be exempt from Import Duty and VAT if you meet the following criteria:

    • Import cars to Cyprus will need to in your name for more than six months before changing residency.
    • You have 12 months to complete the process of your car import to Cyprus once changing residency.
    • Export cars to Cyprus must have no outstanding Duty/Tax before shipment. 

    If you need more details on Duty/Vat for import cars to Cyprus, please click on the link below.

    Republic of Cyprus Customs & Excise Department website:

    What documents and information do I need to import cars from Japan to Cyprus?

    To import cars from Japan to Cyprus, you will need to prepare documents required by Customs. Daiwa suggests that you collect and fill out these documents before you begin to 日本からの輸入車Customs requirements for 日本からの輸入車 can be tricky, so we recommend teaming up with a local agent. The agent will organise all shipping and Customs documentation to import cars from Japan to Cyprus. As a guide, here is some of the paperwork you will need to provide to Cyprus Customs. Japanese used car exporters can also provide this paperwork on your behalf when they import cars from Japan to Cyprus. 

    • Export certificate
    • Original Bill of Lading
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Registration certificate
    • Single Vehicle Approval certificate
    • Road Worthiness Certificate
    • CO2 emissions Certificate issued by District Vehicle Examination Centre of the Road Transport Department 

    You then submit the documents to a Motor Car Registry office for the import car from Japan to be registered.

    Do import cars from Japan need to be registered once they enter Cyprus?

    The Cyprus Government has imposed restrictions on the types of cars exported into the country. For example, vehicles needing to be less than five years old according to the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Legislation. An age restriction warrants that high-quality import cars from Japan to Cyprus. Daiwa is one of the best Japan car exporters who can get a car shipped, registered, and delivered straight to your yard. Once the car shipping from Japan arrives at a Cyprus port, Daiwa will provide you with a Bill of Lading. Daiwa will then contact our local agent in Cyprus, who will support you with customs formalities on arrival.

    Once cleared by Custom’s the car is then be registered and licensed for road tax purposes. For 日本からの輸入車 to be registered in Cyprus, they must pass the Department of Road Transport (DoRT) test. In Cyprus, all vehicles over the age of four are subject to a DoRT test for mechanical safety and emissions levels. The DoRT test checks the vehicle’s brakes, suspension, steering, lights, and tyres. When registering 日本からの輸入車, you will need to pay a one-off registration fee and an annual road tax. Both charges vary according to the Japanese used vehicle‘s weight and the type of fuel. However, import motorbikes from Japan are not subject to the (DoRT) test.

    Can import cars from Japan to Cyprus apply for Relief?

    Relief is a customs procedure that exempts 日本から輸入された車両 to duties and taxes. However, they need to meet certain conditions for specific purposes. You qualify for relief if you are a citizen of Cyprus with four or more children. On the condition, you have not obtained any support from the State for a vehicle. You are also entitled to apply for relief on new or used 日本からの輸入車 that transport twelve people. Subsequently, these exemptions only grant you one Japanese used vehicle free of Duty/Tax.

    Can I import cars from Japan to Cyprus temporarily?

    Yes, you can import cars from Japan into Cyprus temporarily if you are a visitor. You are even allowed to use your vehicle’s existing registration plates for up to a maximum of 6 months. Temporary export cars to Cyprus are not allowed to be sold, borrowed or disposed of. To import cars to Cyprus temporarily, you will need to present documentation to Cyprus customs. Authorisation to temporarily import cars from Japan to Cyprus is granted by Cypriot Customs. To drive your import car from Japan you will need:

    • A certificate of registration from the origin country
    • A legal driving licence of the origin country
    • Vehicle insurance from a company registered in Cyprus.