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Looking to Export or Import Car from Japan to Thailand?

Pioneers of the door-to-door service, Daiwa is constantly expanding and innovating their services to ensure their customers’ needs are met in the most cost effective and efficient way. look no further if you are in the auto industry and want to import car from Japan to Thailand.






11-45 days




    Import Car from Japan to Thailand:

    Don’t know which Thailand car exporters to use to import your dream car? Daiwa Logistics is a reputable service provider of transport and logistics for those 日本から車を輸出する前に通知されます。 worldwide. Before you 日本からの輸入車 to Thailand, Daiwa suggests that you understand the rules and regulations to import second hand cars from Japan set by Thailand authorities. Don’t worry as one of the best Japanese used car exporters, the team at Daiwa can provide knowledge and handle any issues that may arise on your behalf. The vehicle import industry is forever changing, so Daiwa suggests that you keep up to date and research beforehand for the process to go smoothly. Even if you are an experienced dealer that consistently 日本からの輸入車 or a private individual importing a car from Japan for the first time. Daiwa Logistics is known for being one of the most trusted Japanese used car exporters with global connections, knowledge and experience. The process for an import car to Thailand from Japan can be very stressful and time-consuming. Daiwa can take care of the whole process of importing a car from Japan from the uplift of your car at any Japanese Auction House, right through to export clearance, ocean freight, compliance and delivery to your address in Thailand.

    When 日本から車を輸出する前に通知されます。 to Thailand there are no age restrictions for vehicles entering the country unlike the rest of the world which can have up to a 20 year age restriction. This offers a wider range of vehicle imports from Japan to be available to those living or travelling in Thailand. However, a permanent import car from Japan to Thailand is known for having high tax and duties, often amounting to 200% of the value of the vehicle. This extra cost will be on top of the purchase and shipping a car from Japan to Thailand. Daiwa can help you not only import car to Thailand するのをお手伝いするだけではなく 日本から輸入された車両 of any kind from motor-homes, motorbikes, machinery and more. Nevertheless, before you import car from Japan to Thailand you must secure an official import permit from the Ministry of Commerce in Thailand. Since 2020 Thailand banned second hand cars Japan export into the country with the aim to reduce air pollution. However, an individual permanently immigrating can import car from Japan to Thailand under special regulations.

    FAQs – Import Car From Japan to Thailand

    Can I import cars from Japan to Thailand if I'm not a citizen or permanent resident?

    To import second hand cars from Japan into Thailand has become very difficult as of 2020 with the government banning import cars from Japan and worldwide to help reduce air pollution. This has had a major impact on car dealers however if you are permanently emigrating to Thailand you are allowed to 日本からの輸入車 under special circumstances and regulations. However, if you are a visitor on holiday you are allowed to import your personal vehicles for a short amount of time as long as they follow Customs regulations and conditions. The temporary vehicle imports from Japan into Thailand can range from cars, motorbikes, yachts and fishing vessels. Import cars from japan staying in Thailand will need to be re-exported within six months in order to be grant tax/duty relief. A temporary import car to Thailand can’t be sold, lent or given away in Thailand and if done so you will be fined. You are also required to pay a cash deposit or submit a bank guarantee that covers the amount of liable taxes and duties. This will be relinquished if the vehicle is not exported before the date indicated on the temporary import permit. Higher taxes and fines can also be given to importers who breach their temporary import date. Being one of the best car exporters in Japan Daiwa can submit the temporary import declaration form to the Thai Customs Department and other needed documentation on your behalf. When temporary importing a car from Japan to Thailand as a guide you will need the documents below:

    • Application for performing Customs formalities for a personal temporary import car from Japan to Thailand.
    • Registration Certificate of the import car to Thailand.
    • National Identification Card of the person who owns the 日本からの輸入車 with Tourist Visa (TR) and International driving license.
    • Authorization Letter (if applicable) for the import car from Japan to Thailand. 
    • Thailand car exporters and Customs will need an Invoice to show evidence of purchase.
    • Copy of Juristic Person Certificate for vehicle imports from Japan
    • Guarantee contract for re-日本から車を輸出する前に通知されます。
    • Other documents (if any)

    For more information please contact our team or Thailand Customs regarding temporary importing a car from Japan to Thailand.

    Thailand Customs:

    Are there any extra costs when you import cars from Japan to Thailand?

    An import car to Thailand from Japan can occur additional fees and taxes on top of the cost to purchase and ship the vehicle. The cost to import car from Japan into Thailand could be more than you budgeted if you don’t research and calculate the duties and taxes you will need to pay to Thailand Customs before actually importing a car from Japan. To import second hand cars from Japan to Thailand can be very challenging due to the ban on import cars from Japan and worldwide in 2020 meaning, there are many regulations in the way. However, our team Daiwa is made up of trusted Japanese used car exporters who will be able to see if you meet certain regulations such as permanently emigrating to Thailand which will allow you to 日本からの輸入車 into Thailand. The percentage of Taxes and Duties for an import car from Japan to Thailand depends on the below:

    Japanese used cars imported into Thailand can be very difficult and expensive because of the strict regulations and unforeseen costs of second hand cars japan export. It is good to know that all cars in Thailand are required to at least have compulsory car insurance. You can guarantee that Daiwa is one of the best Japanese used car exporters in Japan who makes a point to offer a complete package with no hidden costs. Our team will inform you if there are any unforeseen costs that need to be paid separately and guide you through the steps and fees when importing a car from JapanAs Thailand used car exporters we can help you through the whole process from start to finish and if you need any more information regarding Duty/Tax for an import car from Japan to Thailand please contact Thailand Customs.

    Thailand Customs:

    What documents do I need to import cars from Japan to Thailand?

    If you are permanently emigrating to Thailand and are wanting to 日本からの輸入車 with you, there is a lot of documentation you need to provide to Thailand Customs. As experienced Thailand used car exporters, Daiwa suggests researching and gathering all documentation before 日本から車を輸出する前に通知されます。 to Thailand in order for the process to go smoothly. If you are lacking any documentation it may hinder your chances of importing a car from Japan leading to a costly process. You are allowed one import car from Japan to Thailand for personal use. However, if you are on a work visa you are still allowed to import car from Japan to Thailand as long as you provide a non-immigrant visa issued by the Immigration Bureau. To import second hand cars from Japan into Thailand can be very overwhelming which is why Thailand car exporters like Daiwa of services where they take care of the whole process for you. As a guide, here is some of the documentation you will need to fill out and provide in order to import car from Japan to Thailand:

    • An original certificate of registration
    • Passport of the importer
    • An invoice or receipt that provides proof of purchase for the vehicle and states the amount paid for it
    • A customs declaration
    • Import Good Declaration Along with 3 Copies
    • Bill of Lading
    • A work permit, valid for at least one year
    • The delivery order (Customs Form No. 100/1)
    •  Foreign Transaction Form 2 in cases where the CIF value of the imported vehicles exceeds 500,000 Baht
    • An insurance premium invoice

    Thailand used car exporters like Daiwa will then submit the relevant documents to the port of entry on your behalf and Thailand Customs will estimate the taxes and import duties that need to be paid. Once these have been paid, the receipt needs to be presented to the cashier division of the Thai Customs Department. Finally, the vehicle will then need to pass compliance before being granted permission to enter Thailand. As one of the best Japanese used car exporters, Daiwa can then organise vehicle delivery straight to your address anywhere in Thailand. For full details on how to 日本からの輸入車 into Thailand please refer to the official website of Thailand’s customs.