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Looking to Import Cars Japan to USA?

Exporting & import cars from Japan with one of Japan’s most reliable vehicle shipping agent Get a quote and receive a complete breakdown of the cost to import car from Japan to USA or any other vehicle.






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    Import cars from Japan to the USA

    If you need help 日本から車を輸出する前に通知されます。 to the USA you have come to the right place. Daiwa Logistics is a complete service provider of transport and logistics for 日本から輸入された車両 to the USA. Importing a car from Japan to the USA can be a very complicated and stressful. Daiwa Logistics can help you manage any arrangements or challenges you may face, making Daiwa the best Japan car importer for shipping to the USA. Our experienced team strive to be the best Japan car importer to the USA by handling the entire process at a competitive rate, from arranging the uplift of your vehicle from an auction house in Japan, right through to export clearance, pre-export inspections, ocean freight, compliance and delivery to your location in the USA.

    When shipping a car from Japan to USA, vehicles are shipped by Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) and/or Container ships. Daiwa can help you not only import cars from Japan to USA するのをお手伝いするだけではなく 日本から輸入された車両 of any variety, from heavy machinery, motorbikes, trucks, boats, motor-homes & more. Non-residents in the USA can import motorbikes from Japan and are usually equipment free of duty for a temporary stay to take part in races. Our experienced team at Daiwa can help you import motorbikes from Japan to the USA as they know the detailed process of how to import motorbikes from Japan. Daiwa can also import limited edition JDM cars to the USA as long as they pass all necessary tests. A limited-edition JDM import car from Japan to USA can be a big price saver as it is cheaper in Japan and allows you buy your dream car.

    Any restrictions for exporting cars from Japan to the USA?

    Japanese cars are known for being highly innovative but also being able to withstand the test of time, so many Americans resort to an import car from Japan to USA. 大和ロジスティクス ship cars from Japan all across America, giving you the chance to import rare used Japanese cars like Toyota, Nissan and Mazda. Slowly more Americans are importing vehicles from Japan 弊社経由で the USA as they get approved and pass eligibility. The USA government-imposed restrictions on the varieties of cars you can import are very strict, making the process to import cars from Japan to USA more difficult. To import car from Japan to USA requires lots of experience and industry knowledge on issues regarding import fees, customs, quarantine clearance and how it varies depending on the different states in the USA. Daiwa is one of Japan’s highest qualified used car exporter with the experience to assist you to 日本からの輸入車 to USAIt can be a big cost to ship a car from Japan to USA and Daiwa take extra care to offer amazing knowledge, transport and customer service to all our customers. Daiwa’s purpose is to make the process for importing vehicles from Japan to the USA as safe and stress-free as possible.

    USA customs have very strict requirements to import vehicles from Japan, so before importing cars to USA from Japan, you need to make sure the car can legally enter and complies with USA policies. An import car from Japan to USA that does not meet import policies will need to be brought into compliance, exported back or dismantled. Part of the Daiwa offer to import car from Japan to USA is a Pre-Export inspection which helps customers by offering a licensed and independent assessment of a car’s overall condition before exporting cars from Japan to the USA. A notable requirement for some USA states when importing vehicles from Japan to the USA is that Japanese vehicles must be over 25 years old as it will be identified as a classic car and does not need to meet EPA and DOT regulations. However, some people are willing to purchase and store the vehicle until it turns 25 years old to import car from Japan to USA, even at an extra cost to import car from Japan. In Japan, cars drive on the left side of the road and the driver’s seat is on the right side, however, it is the opposite in America with cars driving on the right road and the driver’s seat on the left. If you want to 日本からの輸入車 to the USA this is not a concern as Left-Hand drive and Right-Hand drive 日本からの輸入車 are allowed on USA roads.

    How much does it cost to import a car from Japan to USA?

    The cost to ship a car from Japan to USA depends on the terms of the shipment such as vehicle specifications, selected origin/destination ports, distance, shipping service used etc. Shipping cars from Japan to USA should take approximately 20-45 days depending on the vehicle and the port of entry in the USA which includes Long Beach, Jacksonville, Savannah, New York, Tacoma, Houston. Daiwa has well-established relationships with many shipping lines when importing vehicles from Japan which allows them to secure space for your vehicle quickly. When you 日本からの輸入車 to the USA with Daiwa there are no hidden costs as we provide a complete package set. For this reason, our team at Daiwa can create a custom quote for importing a car from Japan to USA. Daiwa’s excellent cost to ship cars from Japan to the United States is another reason to consider using us when you import car from Japan to USA. Once you agree to a quote, our experienced team handles the complete processOnce the car arrives and is in compliance with USA requirements we will deliver the car to your location in the USA. However, on top of the cost to ship cars from Japan to the USA with Daiwa, USA customs require 日本からの輸入車 to pay tax and duties which the customer will have to cover personally. These duty rates on 日本からの輸入車 are based on the price paid or payable for the vehicle (Auto: 2.5%, Trucks: 25%, Motorcycles: either free or 2.4%).

    FAQs – Import Cars From Japan to USA

    What documents and information do I need to present when importing vehicles from Japan to the USA?

    When 日本から車を輸出する前に通知されます。 to the USA you can avoid unnecessary delays and difficulties by preparing all the necessary information and documents beforehand. As a guide, here are some of the documents you need to provide when importing vehicles from Japan to the USA:

    • EPA Form 3520-1: When importing vehicles from Japan to the USA you will need to fill out an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) form. This form can be downloaded online and requires the basic specifications about your vehicle, such as the car model, car status, car use and the independent commercial importer (ICI).
    • DOT Form HS-7: When importing vehicles from Japan to the USA you will need to fill out a Department of Transport (DOT) form before you commence the process of 日本から車を輸出する前に通知されます。 to USA. This form can be downloaded online and requires the basic specifications about your vehicle, such as the car model, the date of entry and the port of entry.
    • CBP Form 7510: When importing vehicles from Japan to the USA you will need to fill out a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) form. This form can be acquired and completed at a CBP port which requires a manufactures certificate, proof of car ownership and completed EPA and DOT forms.
    • You will need to provide a bill of landing released by the shipping company that 日本からの輸入車 to the USA, such as Daiwa Logistics.
    • You will need to provide an invoice and export certificate written in English which is required when you 日本からの輸入車 to the USA.
    • To import car from Japan to USA you will need to fill out an Importer Security Filing (ISF) forum.
    • A car title or car export certificate is required for any 日本からの輸入車 to the USA.

    What services does Daiwa include when shipping cars from Japan to USA?

    When shipping cars from Japan to USA, 大和ロジスティクス focuses on making the whole process of importing a car from Japan as smooth as possible for their customers. Daiwa offers amazing services to make sure their customer’s requirements are met in the most economical way when importing cars from Japan to the USA. Daiwa’s services for vehicle import from Japan to USA include:

    • When importing a car from Japan to the USA Daiwa provides transport for your vehicle from the Auction House to Daiwa’s closest forwarding yards.
    • Before 日本から車を輸出する前に通知されます。 Daiwa offers pre-shipment photos of your car.
    • Some 日本からの輸入車 require pre-export inspections depending on the country which Daiwa offer if required.
    • Daiwa provides export clearance for 日本からの輸入車 to USA.
    • When shipping a car from Japan to USA Daiwa will organise all shipment and booking arrangements.
    • Daiwa offers the de-vanning/stuffing of container shipments when importing a car from Japan. 
    • To import car from Japan to USA comes with some risk so Daiwia includes marine insurance in their package deal.
    • Repairs and maintenance for 日本からの輸入車 to the USA.
    • The loading of your vehicle onto the vessel which is ready to ship cars from Japan to the USA.
    • お客様が import car from Japan to USA Daiwa provide tracking and reporting through the whole process.

    Is it safe exporting cars from Japan to the USA?

    Daiwa helps its customers safely import car from Japan to USA by providing support and knowledge throughout the whole progress from supply, purchase and distribution. Daiwa strives to be the best Japan car importer for its customers who want to import car from Japan to USA. Daiwa has extensive experience and qualifications making them a reliable choice to use when 日本から車を輸出する前に通知されます。 to the USA. The Japanese used car market is recognised worldwide for being reliable and consistent and generally having a higher resale value than European and USA equivalents. Import used cars from Japan are also known for having lower kilometres and better specifications. Extra support from companies like Daiwa Logistics will make sure the process to 日本から中古車を輸入 to the USA is safe.

    Does shipping a car from Japan to USA with Daiwa include marine insurance?

    Yes, an import car from Japan to USA being shipped with Daiwa includes marine insurance. Daiwa includes marine insurance in their comprehensive package as they believe it to be very important for their customers who 日本からの輸入車 to the USA and all over the world. When you ship cars from Japan to the USA there is always a risk something could happen at sea, so marine insurance covers the loss or damage of ships and cargo that are being transported in the journey from Japan and the USA. When importing cars to USA from Japan a high amount of marine cargo shipments arrive at their destination without any issue, however, it is always good to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. If a vessel is lost at sea and the cargo cant be retrieved when importing cars to USA from Japan, insurance cover will help protect you from financial and commercial loss. Daiwa go the extra effort for their customers when we import car from Japan to USA  by including extra requirements like marine insurance, helping make us the best Japan car importer. 

    What's the process in Japan for importing cars?

    Below is a description of what occurs in Japan before a car is imported to the USA and what Daiwa requires from you in order for the process in Japan to go smoothly. 

    • Firstly, When you have accepted the quote/cost to import car from Japan with Daiwa and progressed with payment, Daiwa will then begin the process of importing a car from Japan to the USA. Daiwa will collect any required documents from your supplier and yourself. Then quickly organise transport for your vehicle to the closest international car transport processing yard.
    • Secondly, Daiwa will arrange export clearance and book space on a vessel that can 日本から輸入された車両 to the USA. An authorised agent such as JEVIC inspects the car before vehicle import from Japan. These inspections needed to 日本から輸入された車両 entail a biosecurity inspection, odometer verification and vehicle documentation.
    • Thirdly, Once the car is approved by JEVIC for vehicle import from Japan to the USA the car is then loaded onto an international car carrier (subject to space availability and shipping schedules).