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本船スケジュール 会社概要




    車 輸出および車 輸入、弊社が手配いたします。

    Pioneers of the “Japanese used car exporter” service, Daiwa has innovated supply chain solutions for Japanese car exporters and car import that are helping customers supply, purchase and distribute vehicles worldwide. Daiwa is a complete auto and used car export / car import provider. Being one of the highest qualified Japanese used car exporter, we are able to provide a complete door to door service. From the auction house, right to delivery to any country accepting Japanese import cars.


    大和ロジスティクスでは広範囲なネットワークを通じて、1年に10,000台以上の車両 輸出を手掛けております。 日本からご希望の地域まで、中古車輸出をお手伝いします。







    日本からの車 輸出

    大和ロジスティクスの事業は車両の国際輸送および世界中への船積みを手配することです。 日本からの車の輸送を執り行う海外の船会社と密接に連携し、安定した"door to door"サービスを提供しております。 車両の国際輸送には主に2つの手段があり、最も一般的なのがRO/RO船での輸送です。 もう1つの手段はコンテナ船であり、普通自動車だけでなくバイク 輸出、トラック 輸出、トラクター 輸出、重機 輸出、建機 輸出、キャラバン 輸出、キャンピングカー 輸出などにも適しております。 中古車輸出に於ける良質な業者をお探しであれば、弊社以外にありません。 定期的に車を輸出される法人のお客様にも車を海外に持ち出すをことをご検討されている個人のお客様にもご対応いたしますので、まずはお問い合わせください。

    Once you have purchased a vehicle from a Japanese used car supplier or auction house, you can inform the supplier to choose Daiwa as your preferred Japanese used car exporter. Daiwa has the ability and relationships to coordinate used car export with any of the major vehicle suppliers in Japan and therefore this process is straightforward. If you are still at the pre-purchase stage and looking around for a vehicle supplier in Japan, Daiwa Logistics can certainly make recommendations on the most reputable suppliers in Japan to source the vehicle you are after. Simply get in touch and we will be happy to help.

    Daiwa will begin the process of used car export by gathering the required documentation from your supplier and yourself and arrange transport to the nearest international car transport processing yard. We will also prepare the export clearance and book space on a vessel for car transport overseas to your destination of choice. The vehicle is then inspected pre-export by an authorised agent such as JEVIC in order to check things like odometer verification, biosecurity inspection, vehicle documentation and goes through heat treatment if needed. After these steps, the vehicle is ready to get loaded into an international car carrier subject to shipping schedules and space available. As a reputable Japanese used car exporter, Daiwa has great relationships with the shipping lines and is able to secure space for your vehicles in a timely manner.

    Daiwa Logistics is a Japanese used car exporter with a vast network and therefore, is able to put you in direct contact with a freight agent at your destination port for a smooth transition once the vessel arrives. Although the process may vary slightly from country to country, generally the vehicle is unloaded onto the destination port, inspected and cleared off the port. Transport is then arranged to a compliance center that inspects and confirms that your vehicle complies with the destination country’s regulations and is road fit before it gets registered.

    You will find few Japanese car exporters as experienced and connected as Daiwa Logistics, so get in touch now and rest assured you are dealing with the best international car shipping company in Japan.

    With Japan being the biggest used car export market for right hand drive vehicles, it is relatively easy to find Japanese car exporters online, such as Daiwa Logistics, who specialise in car export and international auto transport worldwide. However, it is important to point out that a general freight company, big or small, is not your best solution for car export and international vehicle shipping.

    Specialised Japanese car exporters like Daiwa Logistics handle the procedure of shipping vehicles overseas thousands of times each month and are experts in the field of car export. The process and paperwork for international vehicle transport is different to general freight export and therefore an experienced Japanese used car exporter knows the process of transporting your vehicle from any auction house in Japan to your destination country better than anyone. Daiwa Logistics is also a member of the CGLI Spider Network, which is a global network of international car shipping agents that treat each car as if they were their own and handle car export in every corner of the world. Through this network, Daiwa Logistics is able to service clients looking for international car shipping near me and export cars from Japan to any destination.

    Unlike experienced Japanese car exporters, general freight agents will treat international auto shipping just like general freight and follow the same procedure, or they will subcontract the job to a specialised car export agent like Daiwa Logistics. Either way, costing you more money and time than it should take.

    日本からの車 輸入

    大和ロジスティクスは国際的な車両輸送のネットワークの一部であり、世界各国への車の輸送に於けるソリューションを提供しております。 車を日本国外へ輸送するための業者をお探しでしたら、あなたは適切なサイトに来ています。 車 輸入の際には、国によって異なる取引規制に対応する必要があります。 そのため、車を国外輸送するだけではなく、仕向け地での規制に準じて無事に税関を通過できるようにするのも弊社がお手伝いします。

    Daiwa Logistics is one of the best international car shipping companies that imports and exports thousands of vehicles to and from Japan every month. We are able to assist you by shipping Japanese import cars to the destination of your choice anywhere in the world. However, regulations, tariffs and the application process will differ between countries which might make it more difficult for car import in one country in comparison to another.

    Some of the most common destinations for Japanese import cars are ニュージーランド, アラブ首長国連邦, ミャンマー, チリ, パキスタン, ケニア南アフリカ共和国. We are also able to offer car import services to destinations like the アメリカ合衆国カナダ for enthusiasts looking for specific vehicles sourced in Japan. As you search for Japanese import cars, it is important to understand the rules and regulations of car import in your destination country before you purchase a vehicle in Japan. The most up to date information can be found in your country’s transport agency website or you can get in touch with an international automobile shipping agent like Daiwa Logistics to guide you in the right direction.

    If you are searching for international car shipping companies near me, in Japan or overseas car shipping companies, get in touch with Daiwa Logistics to assist you with Japanese import cars to any destination in the world.