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Import Cars From Japan to South Africa

Daiwa Logistics offers a professional and expert service to import cars from Japan to South Africa. We offer a solution to every problem, so get in touch now for all car import to South Africa queries.

Load Ports

Moji, Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya, Yokohama

Discharge Ports


Estimated Time

35-40 days

Shipping Methods

Roll On/Roll Off (RO/RO) & Containerised

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    Import Cars From Japan to South Africa:

    Importing vehicles from Japan has become very popular over the years from all around the world, this includes a range of vehicles from cars, trucks, motorcycles and machinery. The process to import cars from Japan to South Africa can be very complicated as there are strict restrictions and permits issued by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). These regulations were created to help protect the local motor vehicle manufacturing industry in South Africa. A majority of import cars from Japan are via returning South African nationals or immigrants who have permanent residence. When changing your permanent residence to South Africa, you get one car import to South Africa that is free of Duty and exempted from VAT. To import second hand cars from Japan not following the above circumstances makes it extremely hard. However, some collector’s items are exceptional such as classic cars or racing cars. Daiwa suggests before you buy and ship cars from Japan to South Africa you research and contact SABS to make sure it is possible. For example, when importing a car from Japan you must get a letter of authority from the SABS and submit an (IE462) form. Once this is all approved Daiwa Logistics can then help you import cars from Japan to South Africa. Daiwa is known for being one of the best car exporters in Japan who specialise in logistics and transport. Our team at Daiwa can handle the complete process of shipping a car from Japan to South Africa at a competitive rate, from vehicle pick up at the Auction House, right through to registration and delivery to your yard in South Africa, helping make us one of the best Japanese used car exporters worldwide.

    When exporting cars from Japan to South Africa Daiwa can provide both Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) and Container Shipping, depending on the needs of the customer. We can help private individuals who are importing a car from Japan or vehicle dealers that often import used cars from JapanTo import cars from Japan to South Africa via a RO/RO vessel is the most affordable and convenient option. It can carry a variety of vehicles from cars to motorbikes as well as giving the customer the option to ship 1 to 30 cars on the same vessel that is exporting cars from Japan to South Africa. Car export to South Africa via container shipping is another option usually used for luxury cars. This option is only worthwhile if you plan to ship personal belongings inside the import cars from Japan to South Africa. Daiwa has the experience and industry knowledge on quarantine clearance, import fees and customs in order to help you import cars from Japan to South Africa with little to no stress.