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    Pioneers of the “Japanese used car exporter” service, Daiwa has innovated supply chain solutions for Japanese car exporters and car import that are helping customers supply, purchase and distribute vehicles worldwide. Daiwa is a complete auto and used car export / car import provider. Being one of the highest qualified Japanese used car exporter, we are able to provide a complete door to door service. From any auction house, right to delivery to any country accepting Japanese import cars.

    For Japanese Car Exporters Worldwide

    Daiwa handles over 10,000+ vehicles per year as a Japanese used car exporter, distributing them throughout their extensive network. From used car export and Japanese import cars to any selected country worldwide.







    Japanese Car Exporters

    Car export and international auto transport is a major aspect of the Japanese automotive industry.
    Daiwa Logistics’ core business is to provide international car transport and international vehicle shipping, worldwide. We work closely with overseas car shipping companies that trade with Japanese import cars to provide a complete door to door solution. There are two common methods of international vehicle transport. The first and most common is via an international car carrier (RO/RO) and the other is via container shipping. Look no further for the best international car shipping company near me. Whether you are one of the regular Japanese car exporters or a private individual searching to ship my car overseas, get in touch.

    Japanese Import Cars

    Daiwa Logistics is part of an international auto shipping network that allows us to provide solutions for shipping vehicles overseas to any country in the world. Whether you are looking for international car shipping companies near me or you are halfway across the world, you have come to the right place. Every country involved with Japanese import cars has their own trade regulations. Therefore, it is not only about car transport overseas and international automobile shipping, but also ensuring the vehicle will comply in any specific country and able to clear customs.