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Shipping from Japan to Samoa?

Pioneers of the door-to-door service, Daiwa is constantly expanding and innovating their services to ensure their customers’ needs are met in the most cost effective and efficient way.

Load Ports

Moji, Osaka, Nagoya, Yokohama

Discharge Ports


Estimated Time

16-33 days

Shipping Methods

Roll On/Roll Off (Ro/RO) & Containerised

Vehicle Shipping from Japan to Samoa:

Daiwa Logistics Co., Ltd. is a complete service provider of transport and logistics for cars from Japan to Samoa. Our experienced team handles the complete process at competitive rates.

Daiwa Logistics can arrange the uplift of your vehicle from an Auction House in Japan, Export Clearance, Pre-Export Inspections and Ocean Freight. When the vehicle arrives at the destination, you can choose to use your own clearing agent. Should you need assistance, Daiwa Logistics partners can assist with the Import Clearance and Delivery off the Port.

Japan to Samoa Contact Form: