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Looking to Import Cars from Japan to Malaysia?

Daiwa Logistics are industry leading freight forwarders that can handle all aspects of your journey to import cars from Japan to Malaysia. Get a quote now and rest assured you are in the best of hands for international vehicle shipping.

Load Ports

Hakata, Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya, Yokohama

Discharge Ports

Port Kelang, Kuching, Kota Kindabalu

Estimated Time

15-25 days

Shipping Methods

Roll On/Roll Off (Ro/RO) & Containerised

Japan to Malaysia Contact Form:

    Import Cars from Japan to Malaysia:

    Malaysia is known for exporting cars from Japan and it is very common to see Japanese vehicle makes such as Toyota and Honda everywhere. However, the Malaysian government encourages buying locally instead of importing a car from Japan as they want to protect Malaysia’s local motor vehicle manufacturing industry and its fledgling production lines. This is why the cost to import car from Japan can be expensive since the Malaysian government has placed high duties on all direct import cars from Japan and worldwide. There is also an age restriction for any export car to Malaysia of more than 5 years old. To import cars from Japan to Malaysia, you must apply for an Approval Permit (AP) from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). In order to apply for this permit, your import cars from Japan must be registered under your name for at least 3 years. Whether you’re emigrating or returning home after a few years away, we know it can be very stressful to import cars from Japan to Malaysia which are big-ticket items. Are you trying to figure out the safest way of shipping cars from Japan? don’t worry here at Daiwa our team is made up of experienced Japanese used car exporters you have many years working in freight and logistics from Malaysian Customs to shipping options and compliance. Our friendly team at Daiwa can guide you through the whole process of importing car to Malaysia, making your experience as easy and stress-free as possible at a competitive rate.

    When exporting cars from Japan to Malaysia we can provide both Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) and Container Ships depending on your needs and preferences. Daiwa can execute a variety of jobs from private individuals who want to import cars from Japan as they are emigrating or vehicle dealers who constantly import cars from Japan to MalaysiaImport cars from Japan to Malaysia are normally shipped via a Roll-On/Roll-Off vessel as it is cheaper and can give customers the flexibility to ship more than one car on the same vessel. However, if you are emigrating to Malaysia and taking all your belongings with you, the option of using a container to import car to Malaysia from Japan could be worthwhile and cost-effective if you pack it up completely along with your belongings. Daiwa can help you not only with your Japan car import to Malaysia but also import vehicles from Japan of any kind, from motorbikes, heavy machinery and boats.

    An import car to Malaysia from Japan with Daiwa can take approximately take 15 to 25 days depending on vehicle specifications, shipment schedules and port of entry in Malaysia. The ports of entry for import cars from Japan in Malaysia are port Kelang, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu. Daiwa makes an effort to maintain their excellent relationships with shipping lines which in turn allows our team to coordinate your Japan car import to Malaysia promptly. Once you accept a quote and provide payment for your import car from Japan to Malaysia, it will be booked onto the next free vessel that can import cars from Japan to Malaysia. Daiwa goes the extra step to ensure that your Japan car import to Malaysia arrives safely by working with trustworthy shipping vessels and including marine insurance in their package. Marine insurance covers the loss or damage of the vessel including all import used cars from Japan while being transferred at sea. Most import cars from Japan to Malaysia arrive with no issues, however, an unexpected issue could arise and as one of the best Japanese used car exporters, Daiwa believes it is important that all customers are protected by financial and commercial loss. Daiwa also suggests that before you begin the process of your import car to Malaysia from Japan that you read up on all the rules and regulations set by Malaysian authorities in order to save time and money. If you have any questions on Japan car import to Malaysia please feel free to contact our team.

    FAQs – Import Cars From Japan to Malaysia

    What documents do I need to import cars from Japan to Malaysia?

    To import vehicles from Japan into Malaysia can be very stressful due to there being many restrictions and hurdles in order to complete the whole process. Daiwa suggests that you collect and read all documentation beforehand to help avoid delays or worst-case scenario your import cars from Japan being declined entry into Malaysia. To import cars from Japan to Malaysia can be very precarious which is why Daiwa offers services where our team take care of the whole process for you. As a guide for shipping cars from Japan to Malaysia, here is some of the documentation you will need to fill out and provide in order to successfully import cars from Japan to Malaysia:

    •  Original and photocopy of passport.
    • Malaysian or International driving license.
    • Ownership certificate or original or photocopy of the registration document.
    • The cars original insurance documents and/or a letter from the insurance company.
    • JK 69- AP application form.
    • Original and copy of receipt/ purchase invoice for the automobiles.
    • Your work permit and letter of contract from your employer in Malaysia.

    The permit is valid only for 3 months. If the import car to Malaysia from Japan is not commenced during that period, then you will have to go through the whole process again. Daiwa can make sure this does not occur by submitting the relevant documents on your behalf. Once all documentation and duties/tax have been taken care of the vehicle will need to be registered with the Malaysian Road Transport Department. Daiwa can then organise the final step for your import car from japan to Malaysia by delivering the car straight to your address anywhere in Malaysia.

    What regulations do Malaysian citizens need to qualify for in order to import cars from Japan to Malaysia?

    Government officials working or studying in Japan (at least obtained a diploma) can direct import cars from Japan when returning to Malaysia. However Malaysian citizens working full time in a company/posted overseas for at least 1 year or studying overseas accompanying spouses or children are not eligible to import used cars from Japan. Furthermore, exporting cars from Japan is possible for a Malaysian citizen if they meet the below conditions that qualify them to ship their own private import cars from Japan to Malaysia:

    • Those residing abroad legally for more than 1 year can import car to Malaysia from Japan when moving back.
    • The Japan car import to Malaysia must be registered under the applicant’s name for less than 9 months (from the date of vehicle registration to the date of return to Malaysia).
    • Any export car to Malaysia must be insured under the applicant’s name for a period of no less than 9 months (from the date of car insured to the date of return to Malaysia).
    • Applicant must have a full driver’s license in order to import cars from Japan to Malaysia as a learner/temporary driving license is not acceptable.
    • Returning to Malaysia permanently and apply for a Japan car import to Malaysia within 3 months from the date of return.

    Is there any extra cost when you import cars from Japan to Malaysia?

    If you are wanting to import cars from Japan to Malaysia there are no hidden costs as Daiwa offers a complete package and will inform you of any extra fees you will have to pay separately. The cost to import car from Japan to Malaysia could be more than you budgeted if you don’t research and calculate duties/tax before beginning the process of importing a car from Japan. An import car to Malaysia from Japan can be quite expensive as the duties on exporting cars from Japan and overseas can often exceed a car’s value. The duties on import cars from Japan can run up to as high as 300%, due to the majority of cars in Malaysia being locally produced causing the Malaysian government to try and protect its local motor vehicle manufacturing industry. Even with high duties, a large number of import cars from Japan are still entering Malaysia as the process has become a lot easier for Malaysians to import their dream cars with the help of Japanese used car exporters like Daiwa and online auctions. The duties and tax for import cars from Japan will need to be paid to Malaysian customs once the car arrives at the designated port before being released. As a guide, the percentage of Taxes and Duties for a Japan car import to Malaysia depends on the below:

    For Passenger Cars (Petrol Engine)

    • Up to 1799 CC = 140% of CIF
    • 1800 CC – 1999 CC = 170% of CIF
    • 2000 CC – 2499 CC = 200% of CIF
    • 2500 CC – 2999 CC = 250% of CIF
    • 3000 CC and above = 300% of CIF

    (For diesel engines, the import duty has been set to 120% of CIF).

    Sales Tax – 10 precent of (CIF+ Import Duty)

    • Up to 1799 CC = 60% of CIF
    • 1800 CC – 1999 CC = 80% of CIF
    • 2000 CC – 2499 CC = 150% of CIF
    • 2500 CC – 2999 CC = 180% of CIF
    • 3000 CC and above = 200% of CIF

    Our team at Daiwa is made up of trusted Japanese used car exporters who will make a point to inform you of any unforeseen costs that need to be paid independently and supervise you through the steps and fees when importing car to Malaysia. For more information on how to import cars from Japan to Malaysia please contact Malaysian Customs.

    Malaysian Customs: