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Looking to Import Cars From Japan to Tanzania?

Daiwa Logistics are international freight specialists who can handle the process to import cars from Japan to Tanzania via our streamlined process and competitive rates.

Load Ports

Moji, Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya, Yokohama

Discharge Ports

Dar Es Salaam

Estimated Time

25-35 days

Shipping Methods

Roll On/Roll Off (RO/RO) & Containerised

Japan to Tanzania Contact Form:

    Import Cars from Japan to Tanzania:

    Tanzania is located in Eastern Africa and has become a major trade centre for Japanese used car exporters due to its manageable regulations for import used cars from Japan to Tanzania. Over the years Japan has obtained the reputation of providing consistent and cost-effective import used cars from Japan to Tanzania. Causing Tanzania’s roads to be packed with import used cars from Japan as a large amount of the population in Tanzania purchases car imports from Japanwhereas new cars are seldomly seen. Although Tanzania welcomes dealers and citizens exporting cars from Japan, there are still rules and regulations that need to be met when importing cars to Tanzania. So if you plan to import used cars from Japan to TanzaniaJapanese used car exporters like Daiwa Logistics suggest that you research the regulations and abide by the rules in order for your car imports from Japan to arrive in Tanzania with no issues. Importing a car from Japan requires experience and industry knowledge on import fees, customs and required documents. Daiwa Logistics is a complete service provider of transport and logistics, who can provide access to all the information you need, making us the best company to import cars from Japan to anywhere in Tanzania for you.

    Our team at Daiwa can handle the whole process of your export car to Tanzania from Japan once you have purchased your vehicle online. From pick up at the auction house, straight to the shipping yard, through all inspections and booked onto a vessel that is scheduled to ship cars from Japan to Tanzania. When import car from Japan to Tanzania arrives at a port and cleared by Tanzania Customs. In order for the car to be released and pass compliance, you will need to pay Duties and Tax on top of the cost to import a car from Japan. Daiwa can then organise a Port to Door delivery for customers exporting cars from Japan to anywhere in Tanzania. As one of the best Japan car exporters, Daiwa takes extra care to offer competitive rates, transport and service for all customers exporting cars from Japan with us. Daiwa’s main goal as experienced Japan vehicle exporters is to help you import used cars from Japan to Tanzania smoothly with no stress. Daiwa can also help you import vehicles from Japan of any kind from heavy machinery, boats, motorbikes and more. Feel free to contact our team today to find out more on how to import used cars from Japan to Tanzania.

    FAQs – Import Cars From Japan to Tanzania

    Are there any extra costs when you import cars from Japan to Tanzania?

    Daiwa is one of the best Japan car exporters who offer competitive rates and pride themselves on providing a quality service. The cost to import car from Japan to Tanzania depends on the specifications of the car, distance and destination port which will all be included in the quote and package best suited to you. Our team will also inform you of any extra cost to import car from Japan that is not included in our package. For example to import used cars from Japan to Tanzania can turn out to be more than you expected if you don’t calculate all external factor on top of the price to purchase and ship cars from Japan, such as tax and duties etc. The duties and tax for car imports from Japan will need to be paid to Tanzanian customs once the car enters a port before being released. There is no age limit on car imports from Japan to Tanzania. However, import used cars from Japan to Tanzania over the age of 8 years will be charged additional excise duty. As a guide, the percentage of Taxes and Duties for exporting cars from Japan to Tanzania younger then 8 years old depends on the below:

    Vehicles with an engine capacity of up to 2000cc:

    • Import duty 25%
    • VAT 20%
    • Cumulatively this is 50% of the dutiable value.

    Vehicles with an engine capacity above 2000 cc:

    • Import duty 25%
    • Excise duty 10%
    • VAT 20%
    • Cumulatively this is 65% of the dutiable value.

    What documents and information do I need to import cars from Japan to Tanzania?

    In order to import used cars from Japan to Tanzania, you will be required to complete and provide essential documents to the Tanzania Government. As Japanese used car exporters who have been doing this for many Years, Daiwa recommends that you read up on Tanzania’s regulations and collect all required documents before beginning the process of exporting cars from Japan. Your export car to Tanzania from Japan could be declined or delayed if documents are missing or procedures are skipped. To import used cars from Japan to Tanzania yourself can be a very complex process which is why Daiwa our team made up of the best Japanese used car exporters can help you through the whole process. As a guide, here are some of the documents required by either Tanzanian Customs or Japan vehicle exporters like Daiwa when you import vehicles from Japan to Tanzania:

    • Bill of Lading
    • Export Certificate
    • Proforma Invoice
    •  Original and photocopy of passport
    • Agent’s Authorization Letter from the importer
    • Import permits from TFDA, TBS etc

    By choosing to use Daiwa who not only has the reputation of being the best company to import cars from Japan you are also taking away all the stress as our team can collect and submit all documentation on your behalf. For more information on how to import used cars from Japan to Tanzania please contact our friendly team at Daiwa.

    What services does Daiwa include when exporting cars from Japan to Tanzania?

    When exporting cars from Japan to Tanzania, Daiwa focuses on making the whole process as easy and stress-free for our customers we know it can be daunting. Japanese used car exporters like Daiwa can help you through every step along the way and can even assemble and submit documents on your behalf. Below are the services Daiwa can help you with when importing cars to Tanzania from Japan:

      • Firstly, once you have accepted to go through with importing a car from Japan to Tanzania with Daiwa, our team will then collect any required documents from your supplier and yourself. We will then quickly transport your vehicle from the Japanese Auction house to Daiwa’s closest forwarding yard. Daiwa then presents all import used cars from Japan to Tanzania with pre-shipment photos.
      • Secondly, Daiwa will arrange a pre-export inspection by JEVIC as it a requirement by the Tanzanian Government for all car imports from Japan. This inspection required by all car imports from Japan entails a biosecurity inspection, odometer verification and vehicle documentation. The vehicles will need to pass the JEVIC inspection in order for our team to prepare shipping arrangements and get the vehicle loaded onto the next available international car carrier ready to ship cars from Japan to Tanzania.
      • Thirdly, if you are exporting cars from Japan to Tanzania using a container, we can administer the de-vanning/stuffing of the container shipments. Once your import used cars from Japan is loaded onto the vessel we make sure to add marine insurance for any potential risk at sea. We even go the extra step to provide maintenance and repairs throughout the process.